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Another Gold for Lockswood Gardeners 

The Lockswood Gardening Team have been rewarded for all their hard work this year, by winning a Gold Medal in the Fareham in Bloom Competition.

This year the award was a joint one with the Burnham Wood Residents so unfortunately, Lockswood missed out on the cup for overall winners of the section.

Never the less, Congratulations to the team on their achievement.  The gardens have looked beautiful again this year.  Keep up the good work as the gardens give much pleasure to many people.  Thank you.

Fareham in Bloom 2019.jpg

Photograph courtesy of Rod Maxted.

Geoff receives Gold Medal from the Mayor of Fareham on behalf of the Gardening Team.

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 Lockswood Bowling Club welcomed Friends of Bowls England to the club on Wednesday 11th September. the Friends of Bowls England are members from all over the country who pay a yearly fee, which goes towards promoting, coaching and supporting the sport of bowls. Every year they are able to put thirty six thousand pounds back into bowls, which is great for our sport.

Yesterday we were honoured to host them for a day at Lockswood, and what a great day it was.

They arrived at around lunchtime where they enjoyed a buffet lunch, prepared by our ladies in the kitchen.

This was followed in the afternoon by photographs and a Spider, which was won by Harry Bryant. Congratulations Harry!









After a welcome from our President Pat, and the Captain of Friends of Bowls England Adie, Lockswood played The Friends. There were six rinks games over twenty one ends. The visitors took an early lead on most rinks apart from one but by the end of the match Lockswood had come back to make the finish very close indeed. The overall result was Lockswood 105 shots, Friends of Bowls England 109 shots. so a great effort by everyone.  Our top rink did very well and won by 13 shots, they were Pat Newman, Carol Windust, Peter Wilkinson and John Windust.

Congratulations to them and  the Friends of Bowls England on their win.









The match was played in great spirit and was enjoyed by everyone.

The game was followed by a hot meal, prepared by a stalwart team of ladies and one gentleman.  There was just a slight moment of panic during the afternoon, as the oven packed up! But, our ever resourceful ladies were able to use the cooker next door and saved the day after a little delay. They produced a beautiful meal which was commented upon by many of our members and guests.   Very well done and congratulations to the kitchen staff of Gill Grindey, Margaret Gorman, Sheila McKenzie, Christine Prince, Sylvia Switzer, Muriel Goodridge and Alistair Ford. A great job!  Also, a big thank you to Pete Wilkinson who managed to run the bar and play, along with Neil Fletcher and others.

Before the meal Pat was pleased to welcome Bowls England President Hazel, Vice President Paul and Past President Bill to the day and to thank them for coming.



To mark their visit, Captain Adie presented Pat with a momento to mark the visit and to remind us what a lovely day we had.

Many thanks to everyone who took part, and Club Captain Bob Prince who arranged the teams.

A great atmosphere, played in good spirit amongst friends.  It really was a day to remember!

FOBE 2 11_09_2019.jpg
FOBE 3 11_09_2019.jpg
FOBE 4 11_09_2019.jpg
FOBE  11_09_2019.jpg

Photographs courtesy of Madelene McConomy

A Special Thank You From Joy Geary.

Thank you note from Joy Geary..jpg

Calling All Ladies!

Ladies' Meeting October 2019.jpg

The John Geary Triples 2019

The last club competition for this season, -  THE JOHN GEARY TRIPLES -  was held today, 7th September.  The teams were mixed triples, with each team playing two games of six ends or forty five minutes.  The winners of each group then went on to play the Semi - Finals and then the Final.

We were very lucky with the weather which remained dry, the sun came out on several occasions, making it a very pleasant Autumn day.

john Geary Finalists 2019.jpg

The Final was contested by Mike Bulpitt, Malcolm Barton and Coleen Money against Ann Bryant, Jean Beaumont and Stewart McCabe.  This, like some other matches during the day, was very close. Going into the last end, Stewart's team were leading by five shots to four.  Mike got shot wood with his first bowl, and Coleen as skip, managed to get another wood in to give her team a two shot lead, making them the winners after six ends, by just one shot.  The final score being six -  five to Coleen's team.

John Geary Winners 2019.png

Congratulations to the Winners of the John Geary Triples.

 Malcolm Barton, Coleen Money and Mike Bulpitt.


Well done to both teams for reaching the Final.


Thank you to all players who took part and for their help in making this a very enjoyable day.  


Once again Many Thanks to Harry Bryant for all his hard work in organising the teams beforehand and on the day.  It is very much appreciated by us all.

Photographs courtesy of Rod Maxted.

Success for Lockswood Ladies in the Southampton and District Competitions

Congratulations to our Ladies Triples Team who won their Final at Pirrie Park on Thursday against Hyde Abbey.

Very well done to our team of Pam Smith, Maxeen Fletcher and Lorraine Slater on their win.

Pam Smith and Lorraine Slater played the Final of The William Day Pairs on Friday against Mayfield Park, but, unfortunately finished as Runners - Up on this occasion.

Congratulations to you all from everyone at Lockswood, we look forward to seeing the trophies in the cabinet after the presentation in October!

September 27th 2019.jpg

John Geary Cup (Mixed Triples)  Draw 2019

2019 Draw.jpg

Ladies' End of Season Summary 2019


S&D League


This season we were fortunate to have both our ladies rinks teams in the "A" League.  Teams throughout the league were very close.  The League came to a close on Thursday 29th August, and for their final games,  Lockswood 1 were at Home to Atherley and Lockswood 2 were Away to Meon Valley,  the two teams who were already in first and second places.  Lockswood 2 unfortunately lost, but Lockswood 1 managed a closely contested draw.

The season seemed to go very quickly this year and Lockswood 2 had several very close matches where they missed out on points by just a few shots, and in the Final League Table finished in the relegation spot.  However, for some of our ladies it was their first time playing in the top rinks league and I am sure they gained a lot of experience from it.

I am sure they will do well next season and will come back up. Well done girls for all your hard work and effort.

Lockswood 1 had a very good run and the points were close all season.  We dropped a couple of places on last year, finishing in fourth place behind Waterside in third, Meon Valley in second and Atherley as winners.  However, we did finish in the top half of the league which goes to show that we can now compete at the top level.

Well done girls!


Congratulations to Atherley who are the Champions and to Meon Valley who finished as Runners Up!  The final league table can be viewed on the Ladies' S&D pages.

From all our ladies we would like to thank Ann Bryant for organising the teams throughout the season.  Thanks Ann you did a great job!

S&D Competitions.

This year we have ladies in the Finals of the S&D Competitions.

Pam Smith, Maxeen Fletcher and Lorraine Slater are through to the Final of the Triples  They beat Mayfield Park in the Semi - Final and will play Hyde Abbey.


Pam Smith and Lorraine Slater beat Hedge End in the Semi - Final of the William Day Pairs and go through to the Final where they will play 

Mayfield Park.

Congratulations to you all and Good Luck in the Finals which will be played on Thursday 5th and 6th September at Pirrie Park.  

Dolly Gore.

Lockswood entered a team in the Dolly Gore which took place at Banister Park on Friday 30th August.  This is an all day event where six teams from each of the Bowls Hampshire Areas, North, South East and West, play two games of rinks over twenty one ends.  Locks wood were part of the South team, and the results are on aggregate scores for the six teams in the area.

In the morning the South played the East and our rink was drawn against Bridgemary, who we beat, but the South lost overall. In the afternoon we played a mixed team from the North, who we also beat, but the South lost overall.  The South finished fourth and collected the "Wooden Bowl". The North were third, East second and the winners were the West.  

Our team of Pam Smith, Christine Prince, Carol Windust and Lorraine Slater, later found out that they had the highest total score for the South Group, so very well done and congratulations to them.

It was a great day played in a friendly atmosphere and was very enjoyable.