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Southampton and District
Ladies' Leagues 2023

From 2022, Lockswood ladies will have two teams. One in the Southampton & District Women's Bowling Association Rinks "A" League and one in the Triples "B" League. Matches are usually played at 2pm on Thursday afternoons during the summer season.  Two rinks are required for each team to play a match.

Ladies are invited to sign up to play and the teams are selected by the Ladies Selection Committee (chaired by the Ladies' Captain who is elected by all lady members in October). 

Three teams of four players are selected for the Rinks League - two rinks play with one rink standing down each week.

Three teams of three players are selected for the Triples League with one rink standing down each week.

Ladies who do not wish to play on a regular basis are invited to stand as reserves.  All players and reserves have to be registered with the S&DWBA by 31st May and registration rules are strictly observed.


We wish our ladies' teams success in the coming season.

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