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Is Mr. Reynard looking for Social Membership? -photo by Neil Fletcher during Wednesday Rollup.

Club Competition Update from Mike Walsh

Thought it about time to update on the club competitions front.

First I would like to thank you all for the support we have received for the Summer Events. 2022 was disappointing with only 160 matches being played and four trophies not contested. This year I am pleased to say that we have passed 240 submissions to play.

Next Bank Holiday on Monday 29th May is the 3 Woods 7 Ends match.

The application sheet and match rules are displayed on the notice board inside the clubhouse. Please add your name ASAP both for those playing and anyone who wishes to socialise for the day but not play. The entry fee will be payable on the day.  I would like any thoughts you may have with regard to having lunch included in the match fee, same as the Margaret Grant Trophy game this past weekend.

Start times will be promulgated once we have an idea of the numbers involved but the match is a straight knockout competition and first round could be as early as 0945.

With regard to The Margaret Grant Trophy, we changed the format to Australian Pairs. A handicap system was introduced involving an experienced player partnering someone less experienced/new to the club. 15 pairs were split into 5 groups thus ensuring 2 games each team with the four highest scoring pairs making the semi-finals. I am pleased to announce that the winners were Ozzey Wyatt and Sylvia Switzer with Ian Trousdale and Sue Coates coming second! Everyone thought the new system was a good idea and seemed to enjoy the day. It was nice to see over 20 people watching the final.

Finally, the Summer Match Sheets will be displayed on the club notice board by this Friday 05 May. Please read the Match Rules Sheet and be aware that the cut off dates for each round of games will not be extended so please play your games early.

Most of all enjoy the matches; support others and make the most of your club.

Mike Walsh

Comp Sec

Winter 2023 Singles and Pairs Final results

the final results are now available -

the results are in a spreadsheet that will download or open in a new page dependent on device.

Team Hibernian win the Spring Triples 2023
Click the link below for the Spring Triples 2023 page to view the Final Results spreadsheet maintained by John Sherrington. Photo of team and Johns Final Report now on page.


Stewarding Duties for April/May 2023
Click the link below for the Steward Duties for 24/04 to 12/05 spreadsheet maintained by Peter Coates


S&D Championship and Combination players

For anyone interested in a pre-season practice on grass, we have obtained the use of 1 rink at Follands Bowling Club as follows:

Friday 21st April 12-2 pm

Friday 28th April 12-2 pm

Friday 5th May 12-2pm

We can have 8 players per session - (4 versus 4) and there is a £3.00 per person charge.

Please reply to Brian Ford’s email address (can be found on BOWLR Rink booking system) if you wish to take part and your preferred date/dates. 

G&F League Individual Singles Competitions

The League provides a number of individual Singles Competitions for the League's constituent Clubs' members. These competitions are:

Audrey Pearce Trophy

open to those registered with BE to compete in the Women's category.

Masterman Trophy

open to those registered with BE to compete in the Men's category.

President's Shield

open to current and past Presidents of each constituent club, and of the League.

Secretaries/Treasurers' Cup

open to current and past Secretaries and Treasurers of each constituent Club, and of the League.

Bowler (Club Member) of the Year Shield

each constituent Club may nominate two players (one each from those registered with BE to compete in the Women's category and in the Men's category) to be entered in this competition. Those nominated should, in the opinion of their Club, have done the most for their Club during the season, and not because they are the Club's best bowlers.

Warners Bembridge March 2023

Following the very successful visit to Warners Bembridge last October another group of 22 hopefuls set sail on the 20th March. After a promising start 3 of the 4 teams managed to progress to the Quarter Finals but unfortunately came up against 3 very strong sets of opponents and lost. Despite this it was a very enjoyable week and most of the participants look forward to another round when Sylvia Switzer takes the next batch of hopefuls in October.

S&D REGISTRATION for MENS Knockout Competitions

Southampton and District Mens League Knockout Competitions 2023

A list is on the S&D Notice -board for entries into this year’s competitions

Singles, Pairs Teams, Triples Teams, Fours Teams.

Write your name(s) on the list and John Sherrington will submit the

on-line entry form.

The cost is £2 per player and the club will be billed later (you will

need to re-imburse the club).

Closing date for entry is the 14th MAY 2023.

John Sherrington 25/03/2023

S&D Mens Fixture Dates 
The S&D Fixture dates have now been agreed - click on the link below to go to the S&D page and select the Division/Team of interest :-

S&D Ladies Fixture Dates 
The S&D Fixture dates have now been agreed - click on the link below to go to the S&D page and select the Division/Team of interest :-

G&F Fixture Dates 
The G&F Fixture dates have now been agreed - click on the link below to go to the G&F page and select the Division/Team of interest :-

S&D Friendlies 2023

Click below to view the list of the Men's S&D Leagues Friendly Matches for 2023.
Anyone who plays for our S&D teams can put their name forward to play in a match.

Contact John Sherrington or Walter Metcalf.

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