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The Accumulator

A competition played on a Saturday afternoon throughout the Summer season.

( See Rules below).

Accumulator Rules


The Week-end Accumulator Competition takes place during the summer season on Saturday afternoons, weather and circumstances permitting and providing there are at least 10 players.

The game will consist of 8 woods per team of 2, 3, or 4 players per rink. If a side consists of 3 players the skip will have 2 woods. If a side consists of 2 players, each will have 4 woods. There will be no deduction from the score of a team consisting of less than 4 players. 21 ends are to be played, but, if the weather conditions disrupt the game, 13 ends or more will be accepted for scoring purposes with scores taken from the same number of ends for each team. Less than 13 ends will result in the game being declared void.

Players will have a name tally which must be handed to the person running the competition at least 15 minutes before the start time Late entries will not be permitted. The draw will be made by 3 experienced players, who will select the required number of skips. 2 skips will be drawn from the skips bag. The remaining players will be drawn alternately from another bag to play with those skips. As the names are drawn they will be entered onto the scorecard for each rink. The next rink will then be drawn in the same way, etc. Players are to play in the positions drawn.


Ten games must be played during the season to be eligible to win a trophy. Weekly scores will be recorded on a competition sheet and displayed on the notice board after 10 games have been played. Both shots for and against will be recorded. Scores will be worked out as follows:- Shots for x 100 Shots for + shots against Players will have their ten best scores selected for consideration at the end of the season. The player with the highest average score will be the winner and there will be 3 runners up.


A nominal charge will be made to enter each week.

Winner was Mike Walsh and Runner-up was Joy Geary
Well done to you both.

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