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Pes- Day 2022 No.9.jpg

President's Day 2022

Pres- Day 2022 No.8.jpg

President Joan has a final look around to see we are all ready to begin.

 Whilst "Spiderman" is ready to start!

Whoever gets nearest to the spider wins!

Pres- Day 2022.  No.1.jpg
Pres- Day 2022 No. 6.jpg
Pres- Day 2022 No. 5.jpg

Did I win?  No? 

So where is my wood?

Pres- Day 2022 No.10.jpg
pres- Day 2022 No.11.jpg
Pres; Day 2022 No12.jpg

Injuries may occur occasionally!

Sometimes the chef is

required to play.

Pres- Day 2022 No-3.jpg

A lovely game was enjoyed by everyone.

Pres- Day 2022 No.15.jpg
Pres- Day 2022 No.14.jpg

The catering staff take a well earned break before the rush.

Pres- Day 2022 No.16.jpg
Pres- Day 2022 No17.jpg
pres- Day 2022 No 20.jpg

Judith from The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance spoke about the work of the charity before being presented with a cheque for £300.

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