Member's Photos for the Month of.....


Please continue to send in your pictures of lockdown fun!  Lots of people are finding it helpful as a means to keeping in touch and it's nice to see some friendly faces.

Margaret keeping occupied making cards for our post lockdown Craft Fair.

Send us pictures of what you are  making.


If you can't see the jack...  help is at hand!

Sue Coates is in there somewhere.

VE Day 75

Friday 8th May 2020

VE Day Coffee morning with the neighbours.

All socially distanced , of course!

This stunning Poppy, burst into bloom on

VE Day.

The first one in the garden this year.

Thanks to Lockswood Members Jean and Tom Payne for organising it.

Thanks also, to all the neighbours for giving me permission to publish the photos.

John has started making for the Craft Fair.

Carol made a very 70's retro looking gateau, a bit wonky, but no-one is coming to tea. It won't keep for the Craft Fair, so will just have to eat it!


April photos below

Member's Photos

So that's what you all get up to.......

Ron putting up  his bird feeder whilst I laze about in my "egg".

Bob Prince keeping busy whilst Christine photographs the garden.

John has begun to build a deck outside  Carol's  Art/Craft Studio.

Foundations are ready, just waiting for materials to arrive!

Carol deep in thought about the deck or something else?

We may have to stay indoors, but there are some advantages, we can enjoy our Spring Gardens.

Seasick Steve spotted gardening in Locks Heath

Our Wallflowers are particularly good this year.

Sue Coates Keeping Busy

Petanque, Sue is losing 2 games to 1 as of today!

Wet weather occupation - a huge jigsaw.

Her Easter Bonnet - ready for next year!

Self - isolation at its best... the Brian Ford way.

Stewart caught napping.

Sorting photos, Sylvia Switzer's must do job, when she retired 4 years ago. Time at last.




Lady Captain Eve keeping her practice up,


To make you smile, anybody can do it!

I use my old woods for weight lifting exercises.

No bat wings this year hopefully!

I have been taking time to play in my shed.

This is a poster I was given, which I completed using oil based colouring pencils.

I have been experimenting by painting on calico and then free hand embroidering over the top.

This is my first try, I turned it into a small wall hanging.

Carol Windust

Derek Guy, a new member sent in this picture of his birthday card he received during the lock down.

It was made by his 88year old mother, by using decoupage layering.

Is self - isolation getting to us?

An order for Granddad -  sent to Bob Prince from his Granddaughter.

A squirrel bench so that the squirrel can sit and have his peanuts!

"Staying Safe in our Shadows."

This photograph was sent in by Brian and Chris Ford.

Pictures of the pond at Chateau Beaumont.

They can't speak but they know when you are near to feeding them.

The Windust's deck is progressing well, let's hope the weather holds so that we can get it finished!

Thankfully, the weather

held and the deck is finished!

Just need some furniture to

go on it now so that we can sunbathe.

The Squirrel Has Landed

Bob Prince has been busy building a picnic table as requested by his Granddaughter, who is very pleased with it.

The squirrel is loving it!

Maxeen has been very busy during the lock down!

Maxeen has made and  sent these items as well as scrub bags to the NHS.


Baking and eating too much naughty food!