Humour The Best Medicine

Humorous Anecdotes for May!

This humorous article was sent in by Dilys Lillywhite from the old "Chatter" Magazine.

Originally written by  (the late) Pauline Latto.

Bowling Limericks

These first three limericks were written by Dilys Lillywhite in the hope that it will inspire more of you to have a go too.

It would be especially good to see some response to the Ladies v gents Day or any of the Club Events that are coming up which we have had to cancel.

Ladies v Gents - by Carol Windust

One day all the bowlers from Lockswood

Would like to have played if they could've

Today it was meant to be Ladies v Gents,

But they all stayed at home as they should 've.

Margaret Grant - by CW.

Margaret Grant? Not a Chance!

To be held on Bank Holiday Friday?

Here's what you can do,

Wear red, white and blue,

'Cos remember it's also VE Day!

Lockdown Limericks

By Co - Authors Fred and Margaret Kelsey

Photo sent in by Malcolm Fenna.

April Humour below

Items to make you smile....

The above Ode was sent to Rod Maxted by Coleen Money.

The Workmates Tale

Article  written and sent in by John Beaumont.

This item was posted on the Reddit Site  Monday 5th April, with the following caption.

" Check on your crafting friends.........    They're not ok!

Apologies for the cut and paste, it is a long poem.

The poem, was (not written by him), but  kindly sent in by Peter Francis to make us smile.

I have now been informed by Peter that this poem was written by Jan Beaumont from New Zealand!

Cats Social Distancing

John found this amusing picture on

the Reddit website this morning.