our gardens



Our gardens are our pride and joy.  Visitors to our green always admire them..  All the work is done by a team of willing and enthusiastic volunteers who find time in their busy bowling schedules to plan, prune, weed and water the surrounds to our green, resulting in a beautiful setting which we enjoy throughout the year.

For many years we have entered the Fareham in Bloom competition and from winning Silver Gilt Medals in 2005 and 2006, we finally won the coveted Gold Medal for the first time in 2006.  Since then we have gone on to win the Gold Medal several times culminating in 2012 when we again won the Gold Medal but also the overall winner's cup.  Since then we have gone on to win further gold medals and in 2015 were awarded the Certificate for Excellence in Horticultural Achievement which allows us to enter the "In Bloom" contest for the South East as well as the Fareham In Bloom contest.

In 2016 Lockswood entered  Fareham in Bloom and the RHS, South and South East in Bloom.

Fareham in Bloom

Lockswood has won the Gold Medal and Cup for being the outright winner in our category (Community Gardens), in 2015, 2016, 2017 and in 2018.

South and South East in Bloom

In 2016,  Lockswood  entered the South and South East in Bloom Competition, for the first time. The Competition  is run by the RHS and is part of the Britain in Bloom, campaign  where Boroughs, communities, residents, businesses can work together to improve their  environment.

Lockswood were entered in the "It's Your Neighbourhoods Division". Following the judging, entrants were awarded one of the following rankings, Establishing, Improving, Advancing, Thriving and Outstanding. I am pleased to announce that in our first year we achieved a very creditable, "Thriving" which is level four out of five.

In 2017 Lockswood,  entered  The South and South East in Bloom, and the Club achieved the highest accolade, a grade 5, outstanding. Lockswood maintained their high standard in 2018, once again acheiving, Grade 5, Outstanding. 

You don't have to be a member to admire our gardens, if you are passing by, please pop in and take a look, you will be assured of a warm welcome.