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The Month ofMay!

Calculate the Total Sum of  Numbers.

A Teaser from Stewart McCabe.                                     Answer will be published 15th May.

Answer:- 6+8+9+2+4+1=30

Lockswood Crossword Three

All the answers to this crossword are either Surnames, Initials or Forenames of Club Members.

If the clue is suffixed by an I or F this denotes the answer is a Member's Initials or Forename, respectively.

Congratulations to Roger Wellstead who is the first person to complete this puzzle with 100% correct answers.

How good is your observation and memory?

Who do These Woods Belong To?

If you think you have the answers please email them to The Webmaster.


Alternatively, if you wish to add your bowls emblem to this page to make the competition bigger, then send them also, to The Webmaster via this link. 

Answers will be published at the end of May.  There is a bottle of wine to win!



Answers to the quotations are now shown below. Take care in lining up the answers to see how you have done!

Who said the above quotes? You can name the actor, character, film or programme. Answers to be published 15th May. Have a go!

Quotes FROM film and television.

April PuZZles  Below

This puzzle was sent in by Stewart McCabe.


This is a tricky one, however, if you put ball 11 and 13 into the sum it = 24 and then take the number 9 ball and turn it upside down it becomes a 6.

Therefore, 11 + 13 + 6 = 30!  Voila!

Congratulations to John Windust who solved the above puzzle almost immediately!

Something to get you thinking........

Can you join all the dots with just 4 straight lines without lifting the pen? (It is possible.)

Puzzle sent in by Stewart McCabe.

Congratulations to Norman Elliott on finding the solution to the 9 dot puzzle above.

Lockswood Crossword Two - Answers

Congratulations to John Beaumont who completed the second puzzle, scoring100%.

Beatles Quiz

How is your Beatles knowledge?

Here is something to help while away the hours on Easter Monday..


There are 39 Beatles Songs in this picture.  Good luck! 

Answers will be revealed in due course.

This was sent to us by my daughter Victoria to help keep us occupied, she found it on the internet and sent it to me for the website.  Hope you all enjoy it.

I 'm no expert on Beatles Songs, so this list is the best I could find, although, some of them I've never heard of!  There seems to be differing opinions/ answers for the most obscure ones, but, hopefully you will have all of the popular songs.

Congratulations to John Beaumont who I know managed to get 29!  Did any of you beat that score?  Please let me know if you did.

Hope you had fun trying.

Spot The Jack

Our Competitions Secretary has been working from home and has devised this fiendishly difficult competition. You simply have to say where you think the jack is and send your grid references to or text 07768 538 168

You are allowed three attempts, and Rod is generously putting up a case bottle of wine for the lucky winner.                                                                        Closing date 30 April

British football teams Quiz

Answers will be published 14th April.

Football Quiz Answers

1. Leeds United.                  2. Notts County

3.Celtic                                4. Manchester United

5.Motherwell.                      6. Queens Park Rangers

7.Newcastle.                        8. Tottenham Hotspur

9. Liverpool.                       10. Bolton Wanderers

11.Sheffield Wednesday     12. Swansea City

13. Millwall.                       14. Hamilton Academicals

15. Queen Of The South

Who are they??

This article was sent in by Dilys Lillywhite from an old Chatterbox.

For those of you who don't know, Chatterbox was a magazine produced by Dilys and others on a monthly basis containing pages similar to the ones shown  here on the News Page of our website.

Some of the older members may remember this from the Chatterbox days.

Do you know who they are?

Did you recognise or remember these two handsome Gents?

Fred Kelsey. (Top).

John Lillywhite (Bottom)

Well done if you got them right!

Guess Who ?

One brave bowler has started us off with a Guess Who? page.

Please feel free to add to this page by emailing via the link above in red.  Answers  will be published at the end of April.




3. Carol Windust.

2. Rod Maxted.


4. Bob Prince.


5. Christine Prince.

1. Stewart McCabe