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Spring Triples 2022

Spring triples Trophy 2020.jpg

The Spring Triples are run every Monday afternoon, from late February to early April. There are normally 12 or 14 teams, consisting of a squad of 5 to 6 players per team. All teams are drawn and each team has a Captain who is responsible for organising a playing rota for the team.

Fixtures are also drawn and teams play each other, no more than once during the tournament. The winners are the team who are top of the league at the end of the competition.

The winning team will receive the Trophy for the team ( as shown above which remains in the Club Trophy Cabinet along with the names of the winning team.)

Each team member also receives an individual monetary prize.

Each team is allocated a name on a theme, chosen by the organiser (currently Rod Maxted).

Spring Triples Teams 2022

Spring Trips Teams 2022.jpg

Fixtures and Results 2022

trips Results 21_03_22.jpg
Trips Results 25_04_22.jpg

League Table  2022

Trips Yable 25_04_22.jpg
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