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September 2021 News

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The Dolly Gore is a Bowls Hampshire Competition.  It is takes place at the end of each season at Banister Park.  Clubs from Hampshire are invited to enter a Rinks Team to represent their region from the North, South, East and West. 

Lockswood entered a Rinks Team for the South, Eve Aitken, Joan Barton, Sylvia Switzer and Maxeen Fletcher who played a team from Pelhams from the West.

Our ladies had a close match and won 17 - 13.

The overall result of the competition after all points had been  totalled was that the South won the trophy! This is the first time the South have won since 2009!

Many Congratulations to all the teams from the South and to the girls from Lockswood who won their rink.

Dolly Gore photo 17_09_21.jpg

Dolly Gore Winning Team for Hampshire South.

Well done ladies.

Information and photograph, courtesy of Maxeen Fletcher 25/09/21.


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John Beaumont.


Friends of Bowls England badge.jpg


Friends of Bowls England badge.jpg

The 30th Anniversary of Lockswood Bowling Club was celebrated on Monday 13th September, a year later than planned. 

The Friends of Bowls England had expressed a wish on their last visit, to play us again last year

to mark Thirty Years of the Club.  As circumstances did not allow, this was carried over until this year.

Six rinks of players from the Friends of Bowls England were welcomed by Walter Metcalf, the President of the Southampton and District and Neil Fletcher, the President of Hampshire.

We had six rinks of players from Lockswood who played on a very balmy afternoon and who managed to beat the friends of Bowls England overall.

The game was followed by a meal and everyone had a very enjoyable day, played in a friendly atmosphere with much banter between players during the game.

Special thanks to all the kitchen  staff for their hard work in preparing the lovely meal, the bar staff for keeping everyone watered and to all the Lockswood members who took part in the game.

Many thanks to Neil and Maxeen for organising this event and to the Friends of Bowls England for their enthusiasm and support in this celebratory game, and for making it a special day for our club.


Joy Geary wrote up 2021.jpg

Report courtesy of Rod Maxted. 12/09/21

Championship pairs final 2021.jpg

Championship Pairs Finalists 2021

The S &DWBA Final of the Championship Pairs was played this morning at Pirrie Park.

After a week of beautiful weather, it was a mixed bag of drizzle, heavy rain and occasional sun.  However, spirits were not dampened and the game was an enjoyable and friendly one.

Ann Bryant and Carol Windust played against Sue Lewis Parkes and Lesley Mitchell from Waterside.  Although the Lockswood team played well and put up a fight, Waterside played better and ran away with the victory, to take the Championship Pairs Title.

Congratulations to both teams for reaching the Final and a special Congratulations to Waterside on their win.

Many thanks to the Ladies of the S&DWBA Committee for organising the Finals and special thanks to all the spectators from Lockswood and other clubs in the league ,who came to Pirrie Park to support the players. It was much appreciated by all.

Photograph courtesy of Eve Aitken. 0909/21

Lockswood Ladies  Miss Out to Waterside

Autumn Triples 2021

The teams  and Fixtures for this year's Autumn Triples are now available to view on the Club Noticeboard or by clicking on the button below.


Bill Hibberd Trophy

The Bill Hibberd Trophy, the last of the Summer Club Competitions, was played on Monday morning.

The Finalists were Rob White and Peter Brown. It was a beautiful sunny morning and an enjoyable game to watch. The first set was very close, being won by Rob who then made a very good start to the second set . Peter fought back valiantly but the victory went to Rob White.  Congratulations to Rob and well done to both players for making the final!

bill Hibberd Final pics 2021.jpg

Photograph and result courtesy of Rod Maxted07/09/21

Winter Competitions Poster 2021.jpg


John Geary Poster for the Day 11_09_21.jpg


Ladies' Final League Positions 2021

The Lockswood Ladies' Section finally completed all their League Matches on Thursday.  It was a strange season this year, interrupted by some hot weather, and other events, but, one which thankfully saw all the clubs come together to meet up on the greens after a long lockdown period. 

Lockswood 1 in the "A" League  had some very close matches at the start of the season, often missing out on all the points by just one shot, which was rather frustrating.

However, they managed to pick up some wins along the way, and finished by taking all four points on their very last game, enabling them to complete the season on a high. Unfortunately, it was a little too late to see the team climb up the table from their place above Hyde Abbey at the bottom.

Lockswood 2 in the "B" League  faired better.  This year the league was a little smaller than usual but, nevertheless the team did very well.  Like the "A" League, they also ended the season with a four point win which placed them in third position in the league behind Banister Park and Romsey.

A strong finish by both teams!

Congratulations to Meon Valley for winning the "A" League Rinks and to Banister Park for winning the "B" League Rinks.

It was lovely to get back bowling in the league and to meet up with old friends from all the different clubs this season.  Look forward to seeing you all again next season.



There will be no Spoon Drive on the 4th or 11th September due to other events taking place at Lockswood.

The next Spoon Drive will be

Saturday18th September.


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