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Summer Competitions Alert!

2021 Handbook Distribution

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Saturday Painting Competition

Saturday 17th April, a beautiful, bright, sunny afternoon.  Just right for a painting competition "en plein air."

And so it came to pass, that three teams of "painters" attended Lockswood Bowling Club to paint.....The Arbors!

It was a competition to win a bottle of wine for the best one, but, more importantly to get the arbors painted as they were in need of some TLC to protect them.


Arbor painting 18:04:21 4.jpg
Arbor painting 18:04:21 2.jpg

The three teams worked hard all afternoon, socially distanced of course, and observing a minutes silence, in honour  the Duke of Edinburgh, until four o'clock, when they stepped away from their finished work in order for the two judges, Rod Maxted and Sylvia Switzer to inspect.

Arbor painting 18:04:21 5.jpg

Many thanks to the three teams, Bob Prince and Ossie Wyatt, Carol and John Windust and Rob white and Pete Wilkinson, for their hard work.

The competition was judged to have been a close run thing but ultimately the wine went to Rob White and Pete Wilkinson!

The arbors are now ready for everyone to enjoy during the Summer Season.

Arbor painting 18:04:21 3.jpg

Photographs courtesy of of John Windust.  18th April 2021


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STEP 2.  12th April 2021

Covid Road map Step 2.jpg
We Weather shelter Step 2.jpg


2021 Charity News.

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For In formation: ......  The S&D Men's Leagues have now been updated as of

6th April 2021.

Please Note:- 

For Lockswood, all fixtures remain the same as those  already published on the website . 

However, changes to the CHAMPIONSHIP ARE:-

The Championship will be reduced to 3 Rinks for the whole season, with scoring being 3 points for an overall win with 1 point for a winning rink.

Normal promotion and relegation will take place at the end of the season.

There are no changes to Lockswood's Combination Fours and Triples.

Please be aware that depending on how the season develops with regard to the Government Road Map and Covid Rules some changes may be required at a later date.


"round-up/catch-up 2"

"we provide, you decide?"


Sub letters will be issued to your letterbox early April.  The concession (for those who paid a full sub 2020) will be available until 30 April.


It is currently intended to re-introduce Stewarding Duties as from 21 June, under step 4 of the Covid Plan = when Government hopes to remove all the remaining rules that are stopping people from getting together.  It is anticipated that the rota of previous years will be maintained but some adjustments may well be necessary.  Any concerns/changes then please contactTom Roberts th_ or telephone 01489 691742.

Summer competitions

Summer Competitions are back on - details below with application form being included with your sub letter.

Rob White

Acting Secretary.


Summer Comps poster  1.jpg
Summer Comps Poster 2.jpg


"we provide, you decide?"


Chewing Gum


Wednesday Roll Up

roll up.jpg

Test and Trace


"round-UP / Catch-UP"

Poster title.jpg

.  On reopening the green on Monday 29 March we will find ourselves under the following restrictions whereby you must not socialise with anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place.  Therefore,

Shelter areas.jpg

1. Shelter Areas for inclement weather cannot now be provided.

Indoor areas.jpg

2.  All indoor areas, except for the small vestibule of the Conservatory at       the Club  Entrance end and the toilets, are out of bounds.  Face coverings must be worn.

Play Boxes.jpg

3.  "Play Boxes" are to be collected and returned to the Conservatory      vestibule at  the Club Entrance end.


4.  This door of the Conservatory nearest the Club Entrance is the only door to be  for "Play Box" collection/return and for access to and from the toilets. 

 Face coverings to be worn.

 All other Conservatory and Sherborne doors are to be remained closed.

Rule of play.jpg

5.  The "RULE OF 6" remains in force and is to be observedon the green and in all of our outdoor space.

.     Follow " wipe down rules" given in the Play Box. 

.     Spray chalk only.

For you must not socialise in a group of more than 6 people outside, including in a garden or a public space - this is called the "Rule of 6"

Source link can be found by clicking below.

Rob White - Acting Secretary. 27/03/2021

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