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May 2020 News

Resumption of Website.

Information for all members......

As we slowly return to bowling normality, the website will revert to it's usual format from Monday 1st June.

Over the past month there has been a decrease in the number of contributors to the site. There is a lot of time and work required to keep the magazine  running alongside, information, and, changes to dates and events from the different bowling organisations, which are now starting to come in.

Therefore, I respectfully ask that no more submissions are sent to the webmaster for the rest of this week.

Results of all outstanding competitions will be published at the end of the month.

I hope it has been of interest to those of you who have regularly kept in touch with the items and news.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the website during Lockdown, it would have been difficult to keep it going without you.

Finally, please remember to keep safe and stay healthy.



Many thanks to you all,

Carol Windust.  Webmaster.

26th May 2020

Breaking News.........

For all Club Members

Please Find,

Important News on the re - opening of Lockswood Bowling Club, by clicking on the button below. 


The Green is Opening soon! 

More information has been added 19/05/2020. Click the button below to find out more.


Please be sure to check the Information and Announcements page of the website in order to receive all updates on plans for returning to bowls.

At present there is a new update from Rod Maxted  28/04/2020.

When normal service is resumed the Latest News Page will revert to the main page for information. 

Welcome to our ...

stay in touch pages

For The Month of May

Staying in touch, an update.

Welcome Everyone, to the "Stay in Touch Page" for May.  As we  enter our second month of lock down we are continuing the "new style" website for as long as it takes! This could very well be for a while.
Today, is traditionally May Day and whilst none of us will be dancing for joy around the maypole, Morris Dancing on the Green or even the Bowling Rinks, we can at least count our blessings that we are so far, hopefully, staying healthy and safe.
I am pleased to say, that since it's launch, the pages have been a great success and have provided a focus and interest for members.
 I would like to thank all those, who have contributed so far, from the puzzle setters, the memory jerkers, the humorists and even those who like to display their baby bottoms!
The answers to the puzzles and quizzes etc: have now been published on the appropriate page. On each of the pages I have started a new sheet for the Month of May, so please keep sending me your contributions.
 We would still like photographs showing how you are coping (or not), with the lock down. This can be , things you are doing, items you have made, anecdotes, etc, etc. Don't forget the plan for a Lockswood Craft Fair at the end of all this, so if you are able to contribute by making items, they will be much appreciated. I still think you have plenty of time!  
Some people have put a great deal of effort into what they have sent for inclusion and it would be nice to get some feed back from members. If you would like to comment on anything, please email using the linkOnly positive comments please!

Re - opening of the Green

rods opening photo2.jpg
Rods opening photo 3.jpg
rods Opening photo1.jpg

A beautiful morning on the green all keeping socially distanced!

Taken by Jan Collins 20/05/2020

Lockswood opened its rinks again over the weekend. These pictures were taken by Rod Maxted yesterday. 

Jans opening photo.jpg

The Early Days - by Member 001

member 001 plastic green.jpg

Article submitted by Dilys Lillywhite from the old Chatter Magazines.

Clearing of Undergrowth

Clearing by the club 2.jpg

Looking from the car park

Looking back towards the car park from the road side.

Most Members will not have seen the work that Fareham Borough Council have been doing, to clear the undergrowth from the trees, down the path to the Clubhouse.

 Neil Fletcher has Kindly sent these photographs so that we can all see what a difference it has made.

Hopefully it will still be clear when we get back to bowling, but definitely no blackberries this year!

Clearing by the club.jpg

An Article of Interest from the old "CHATTER" Magazine

Sent in by Dilys Lillywhite.

The Flagpole.jpg

For those of you who don't know, Member 001 was (the late) Harry Latto, a Founder Member of Lockswood, who had the very first Membership Number

V E Day


V E Day Tuesday 8th May 1945

Do any of you remember what you were doing or where you were on this most historical of days?

If you have any memories or stories of that day, perhaps, you would like to share them with us, via the website. If so, please email the webmaster by clicking here. 

 Friday 8th May 2020 the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.


Detective Beaumont.jpg

Article sent in by John Beaumont.  It's nice to know there are some good people out there concerned for people's welfare.

Good detective work John, "Elementary ' of course!

We Have a Winner!

Spot the Jack winner.jpg

A Tribute to the NHS.

NHS Tribute.jpg

Matt Kelly


This poem was sent to Jan Collin's  by her brother.

This was also sent in by Maxeen. 

To all NHS Staff and Key Workers, a big "Thank You" from

Lockswood Bowling Club.


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